Hive engine got hacked!

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Face masks are a disaster

No way is the face masks useful, in fact they seem to be harmful and not lowering the rates of infections. I have taken to calling them facehuggers not face masks.

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Hive has the shittiest proposals

prove me wrong.

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C'est un chouette gars !

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get paid not censored

Gab and Parler if it ever comes back don't pay a fucking dime for good, white content. Hive has great support for our cause! Get everyone over here now WWG1WGA. Get paid not censored

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Reasons why hive downvoting often be taken personally

is because our circle is too small.

Will they cry because someone dv on Youtube? Nope, firstly its anonymous, secondly, bc it’s strangers anyway, strangers won’t upvote anyone they know anyway, it’s like OK, it’s someone who probably have totally different background different voting circ → Read more

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