cryptofinally is a fucking whiner

she sucks, thats all there is to it.

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He puts his efforts to that shit BLURT blockchain. Why do we have it at t20? Unvote this guy asap.

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crying crypto influencer

whining bitch

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black Lives Matter.

Still a terrorist organisation run by DNC pedophiles, antifa and the CCP.

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Which do you prefer?

Between @justineh, @cryptofinally, and @coruscate, which do you guys prefer?

I personally like Lea. I think she's the cutest of those 3.

Not to take away what she does, obviously...she's just...wholesome.

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Justine needs to fire the guy that does her eyebrows

We get it honey. You're part of the club so could you at least do something about those things. Looking like caterpillars getting ready to mate

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Black people are like coffee blends

The darker they are, the more likely your leftist friends will show them off at parties.

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