Fun times on Steem

  • First few comments: complaints about not receiving upvotes for Diary posts from the Steemit Curation team
  • Then someone asks why Justin Sun isn't posting on Steemit first before posting on Twitter (lol)
  • Then a fight with some alwaysbaked guy about memes and downvotes

Same old same old, but sometimes I like to go back and see if something is happening... Maybe you have something more juicy to share.

  • 10m sp in one curator, 8m in another, any sane person won’t want to hold sp, even 500k or 1m compared to their accounts is nothing lol

    Comment by exoticEarwig28 | 1 week, 5 days ago | Reply
    • Why would anyone buy steem when you can just fish for votes from Justin Sun’s curation team and then sell it.

      Or you can just use the SCT vote bot for $200 shit posts.

      Comment by candidSpider93 | 1 week, 5 days ago | Reply
      • Soon Sun curation team will own 99% of steem and others just got dumped on, but others also won’t buy into it since they can just farm from Sun curation team, then sell it, so am I missing anything?

        Comment by lovelyBarnacle94 | 1 week, 4 days ago | Reply