It's the economy, stupid

One of the problems with an incentive based blogging platform is that you can barely get anyone to actually say what they think. Look at the comment sections on larger stakeholders posts, they are a sickening splurge of sycophantic nodding dog agreement.

Very few have the courage to say what they think.

Why? Because they will not say or do anything to sabotage their future rewards.

  • yet, they still stay and farm

    to the small guys, the meager earnings are probably enough to live on cuz you know, 3rd world and shit

    to the big guys, it only makes sense to be the early miners

    for everyone else, it's stupid af to buy in, and you see a bunch of so called middle class dumb mofos that keep cushioning the cash outs on both ends

    Comment by granularUrial80 | 1 month, 2 weeks ago | Reply
  • This is a very interesting negative aspect to DPOS.

    The more stake you have the less your freedom of speech will effect your payouts.

    Comment by energeticAfrican44 | 1 month, 3 weeks ago | Reply