Never understood why huge stakeholders vote for this guy to top20.

  • followbtcnews is the classic example of 'behind every great/successful man there stands a woman', because those votes are mostly meant for the ever-present @crimsonclad.

    Comment by solidbird68 | 1 month ago | Reply
    • crim should run her own witness, then. That doesn't justify followbtcnews as a successful witness.

      Comment by nimbleAardwolf23 | 1 month ago | Reply
      • it is her witness...they're a team of two poeple? i don't see how it makes a difference if its under her name or not. i just looked at both of their wallets. it looks like there's an ok powerdown in place to pay for some servers but otherwise neither of them are selling. neither of them make autoposts to milk rewards. looks like they run servers, work in the community and crim is the vocal one? i think they need to make at least some chain witness updates but compared to most of the top 20 they aren't taking much at all so i don't know if it matters that it has to be her name.

        Comment by youngAngelfish94 | 1 month ago | Reply
  • crim is one of the most valuable one on hive tho, biggest stakeholder are most t20 themselves, plus there simply ain’t many to vote i guess, better not to bring much change and go back farming quietly, logical?

    Comment by lopsidedPanther87 | 1 month, 1 week ago | Reply