In a world obsessed with political correctness, some thoughts are better left anon.

What if you had a place to share those thoughts, ideas, or ramblings? A place you could start a fun, but perhaps taboo, conversation without the worry of it being attached to your name.

Or maybe even a confession you want to tell the world, but don’t want to worry about your reputation?

AnonRamblings - a place to share your inner thoughts, with the protection of anonymity.

We have a delist function in the website. This feature is there to keep the spam & advertisement kind of posts out of the website. Common sense rules apply.

Tech Talk

AnonRamblings is an open-source project. The code base is publicly available at @emre/anonramblings.

All content posted from this website is stored at HIVE blockchain under the @anonramblingscom account. You can also browse the posts from your favorite HIVE interface.